Qumran Taj


Family and friends call him "Q" or "Mr. Q." Reading a bit of biographical text about him is fine but there's no substitute for one-to-one interaction. It's the rejuvenation coach-client vibe he creates that keeps clients coming back year after year!  


Q connects with people because he is a gifted sensitive with strong intuition. He can also empathize with your problems and challenges because his own life journey has been difficult. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. He has overcome crippling guilt, constant fear, low self-esteem, obesity, and an extremely dysfunctional upbringing. He wants to help you do the same.


Publications & Media


Q is the author of two books available on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com.  His articles and interviews have been published in respected magazines, and newspapers like Newsday, New York Magazine, Long Island Press, Creations Magazine, and others. His poems have been published in local anthologies. He has been interviewed on numerous web-based radio and podcast programs. He appeared on an interview on FIOS1 television and he appeared in the award-wining docu-drama Montauk Chronicles directed by Christopher Garetano.


Q is not a "celebrity." He is just like you. He has spent over 30 years helping people to make life better, to find their inner strength, to reduce pain and increase joy, to raise their self-esteem and accomplish things they never could before.


Do you want to experience the healing power and guidance of a gifted Intuitive Life Coach? Then email, or text Q in the "Contact Me" tab. 

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