SPECIALTIES: Relationships & Personal Development

Intuitive Life Coach

We all have many relationships. There are relationships with co-workers, friends, family, and lovers. There are also personal talents you may want to develop or bad habits, or self-destructive behavior you want to change. How can Q help improve relations, resolve problems, and give insights into what is going on in those relationships or even within yourself?


The answer is in 2 simple parts:


1- It is HOW Life Coaching works. A good Life coach is trained to help you find and develop YOUR OWN BEST ways and means to get what you want. People all over the world have discovered the VALUE of a  professionally trained and certified Life Coach. You can too!


2- The value of INTUITION! Intuition is not uncommon in people from all walks of life. It has been described as a "6th sense" or even a psychic sense. It is clear that intuition is a faculty that is underdeveloped in most people but very strong in others. Artists, writers, business leaders, and others use their intuition or "6th sense" to excel in their fields. Q uses it to greatly enhance coaching sessions. It looks "behind the scenes," to get to and resolve hidden issues and blocks.